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• Mitigating the externalization of foreign currency and capital through traditional trading practices by importers and exporters.

• Developing a mobile based application for reporting and resolving NTBs along trade and transport corridors/ the platform is called M-SHIP.

• Organizing cargo owners through the formation and strengthening of Shippers’ Councils throughout the Eastern and Central African region.

• Reviewing the level and manner of engagement with service providers (Ports, CFS/ICDs, and Shipping Lines, Regulators) for the enhancement of efficiency, and containment of the rising cost of doing business.

• Carrying out research on matters arising in shipping and maritime industry

• Providing cargo owners with information and creating awareness on emerging themes in International Trade.

• Partnering with regional corridors to provide Governments and Shippers with comparative data on the performance of regional ports and corridors.

• Recommendations made to Governments on the removal of Terminal Handling Charges (THCs) by Shipping Lines.

• Mediation between Kenya Maritime Authority (KMA) and Shipping Lines over suspension of certain clauses in the KMA Act through a court injunction by shipping line.