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Question: What does "ISCOS" mean?

Answer: ISCOS is an acronym for Intergovernmental Standing Committee on Shipping.

Question: Who constitutes ISCOS?

Answer: ISCOS is currently constituted by four member states of Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia as Full Member; however membership is open to other states in the Eastern, Central and Southern African States and any other states as may be determined by the Assembly as Full member category. Membership is also open to organizations associated with maritime activities and shall include but not limited to: Ports/harbors, commodity organizations, national and regional shipping lines, transporters, maritime training institutions, terminal operators, and other maritime related, organizations within the region to join as Associate Member.

Question: Does ISCOS have offices in Member States?

Answer: No, ISCOS executes its daily activities through its Secretariat head quartered in Mombasa, Kenya. However more offices can opened if need arises.

Question: When was ISCOS formed?

Answer: ISCOS was formed in 1967 by the Member States. The permanent Secretariat was established in 1974 in Mombasa, Kenya to coordinate its activities effectively. However the agreement establishing it was signed by Member States in 1987 and the Protocol amending this agreement was signed in April, 2006 transforming ISCOS into a one stop centre of excellence on shipping matters and total transport logistics.

Question: What does ISCOS do?

Answer: It promotes and advocates for efficient and competitive shipping and maritime services in Eastern, Central and Southern Africa.

Question: How is ISCOS funded?

Answer: ISCOS is mainly funded by its member states namely; Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia. Occasionally, some of ISCOS training programs are co-funded by development partners such as Trade Mark East Africa (TMEA)