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How to wear wavy wigs  


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Type 2B Wavy Hair (medium) This hair type is shorter with a more prominent “S” shaped pattern, and resembles that “beachy” wave that women often want to attain. Although beautiful, this type tends  to <a href="">Indian Deep Wave</a> be on the slightly frizzier side of the spectrum.Shoulder length & trendy. This type of hair is already pretty easy to manage, but is often fine in texture. To give it the appearance of more volume, a shoulder length cut is the most flattering and stylish look to go for.

Pinned to the side. Since this hair type is a medium wave and thickness, it can give in to a little bit of pinning. The pinned to the side hair style looks gorgeous for all occasions and is flattering on most <a href="">Short Human Hair Lace Wigs?</a> women's face shapes as well. 2C Wavy Hair (coarse) This type has a very distinct “S” shaped pattern, and is borderline curly at some points. Wavy curly hair tends to be frizzier and thicker. Although this type is more resilient (because of its thickness), it is also more resistant to styling.

Long and parted in the middle. This type of wavy hair is both thick and has tighter “S” shapes, so it's best to take advantage of the resilience and keep the hair long to weigh it down a little bit more. With <a href="">Wigs Online Cheap</a>hair, the weight will help soften and even out the waves so they look more natural, and you'll have less frizz to deal with.


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