ISCOS Key Achievements

In pursuit of its mandated objectives, ISCOS has realised several achievements some of them being beneficial to the Member States’ economies and the rest specifically benefiting shippers (Exporters and Importers). The achievements so far made are summarized as follows:-

Creation of a formal platform for undertaking consultations with stakeholders for the adoption of common position by contracting parties on maritime matters and/or in multilateral negotiations with third party countries or international and regional maritime organizations.

Assisted contracting parties in adopting/acceding to the relevant maritime conventions, particularly those concerning safety of life and property at sea, carriage of goods by sea, oil pollution, marine environment protection, ship and port facility securityp>

Participating in intra-regional cooperation for each category involved in maritime transport: shipping companies, ports and port operators, shippers, clearing and forwarding agents, cargo consolidators, etc through ISCOS as one-stop centre

Provision of advice to contracting parties on commercial implications of the maintenance of the safety and security of maritime transport services including matters relating to integrated coast guard services , port state control and joint search and rescue operations

Coordinated and promoted the development of the maritime transport sector within the region and its integration into African region as a whole;

Well advised contracting parties regarding vessel inspection activities with the view to improving the safety of shipping and protection of the marine, rivers and lakes environment

Sensitized contracting parties on matters of development of human resources, gender matters in shipping and HIV Aids scourge and other pandemics in the maritime sector

Defined and well advised contracting parties regarding sector-based policies and common standards in the fields of shipping services, port operations and modalities of servicing landlocked countries;