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The 7th Meeting of The ISCOS Assembly of Ministers is due to take place on 10th  March 2022 in Entebbe, Uganda

Incoterms 2020

Incoterm 2020, replaces the incoterm 2010. The new changes came into force as at 1st January 2020. The revisions to the rules have been produced by the ICC Drafting Group, which was made up of eight members from Australia, China, EU member states, Turkey, and the USA.

The Inco-terms® (abbreviation of International commercial terms) rules developed by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) was created as an industry standard to facilitate international trade and for the interpretation of the trade terms that the parties to a contract of sale could agree to apply.

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Imports/Exports Procedure

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Import Procedures
Import means goods and services brought to Tanzania from a foreign country. Import procedures
have to be followed in order to clear goods from Customs control as per the East African
Community Customs Management Act (EACCMA) 2004.
Tanzania’s imports are subjected to different stages whereby the importer is advised to make
declaration through his appointed Clearing and Forwarding Agent by lodging documents at least 7
days before arrival of the vessel.

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Import Procedure
 Obtain an import permit, if the types of goods require you to (food, drugs, chemical,
agricultural products)
 The first thing you should do is to ensure that all goods to be imported meet Ugandan
standards as prescribed by Uganda National Bureau of Standards
 Send information to the supplier clearly describing the following
 Good description
 Technical specifications
 Quantity
 Price
 Delivery period
 Regulatory requirements
 Confirm that the goods are not on the prohibited list
 Check to make sure

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Export procedures in Zambia
• An exporter wishing to export goods outside Zambia must register with the Zambia
Revenue Authority for a Tax Payer Identification Number (TPIN).
• Those wishing to export under preferential treatment (SADC, COMESA, etc.) should also
register with the Customs Services Division in the department of International and Policy

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International Maritime Convention

International conventions are treaties or agreements between countries. “International convention”
is often used interchangeably with terms like “international treaty,” “international agreement,”
“compact,” or “contract between states.”
Conventions may be of a general or specific nature and between two or multiple
states. Conventions between two states are called bilateral treaties; conventions between a small
number of states (and more than two) are called plurilateral treaties; conventions between many
states are called multilateral treaties. Source; Wikipedia.

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Transport Cost

Maritime Transport Costs are important elements in the overall logistics chain. An
increase in
transport costs acts as a barrier to
the seamless flow of trade. It holds back the economic growth of
the affected countries, as well as disrupting the benefits of Globalization and increased trade.

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Import Regulations & Procedures for Used Cars

East Africa countries and even to the majority of developing nations have been known to be
great consumers of Used Cars mainly from Japan. Any importer indulging in such trade
must be aware of regulations and procedures that guides the importation of used car in
his/her country. Due to this effect we have decided to briefly explain the procedures that
guide the importation of used cars in ISCOS members’ states, that is; Kenya, Tanzania,
Uganda and Zambia

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