• Regional Mechanism for monitoring and mitigating adverse developments in Shipping and International Trade, opportunities for Synergies and collective bargaining power when dealing with international aspects of Shipping and international trade and the mitigation of adverse developments in the sector especially in terms of foreign policies and practices.
  • Facilitation of a structured and policy driven interface between the sea and costal states and the harmonization of either’s policies and Interests.
  • Exploring the potential of Intra Regional Maritime Trade amongst States through the Indian Ocean, which is still dismal, with many states still importing what they can obtain from neighbors due to lack of a regional mechanism for structured Maritime collaboration and engagement.

  • Opportunities for Pooling Financial Resources together for Regional Maritime Initiatives including Ship owning.
  • Maritime connectivity of the Region and Harmonization of National Maritime Policies especially cabotage issues within the Indian Ocean west.
  • Opportunities to learn from each other’s strengths and leveraging on the region’s diversity and strengths and expertise of regional states
  • Promotion of cross sector engagements among stakeholders: Shippers Councils, Maritime Training institutions, Freight forwarders, Sea Ports, Maritime Administrations, and Policy makers and facilitate a regional Mechanism for building Capacity of the Shipping and Maritime Sector, cross sector engagements and therefore seamless connectivity in Freight Logistics.
  • Opportunity for Maritime Training institutions to share information, strategies, resources, facilities in the development of National and Region’s Maritime Human resources and Supply chain professionals.
  • Regional mechanisms for the promotion of Maritime safety and security of Maritime facilities and bodies which are commonly used and promote region’s ability to effectively address Maritime Crime.
  • Have in place regional Policies that encourage private investment in the Shipping sector, promotion of ownership of Ships.
  • Collective negotiation of trade arrangements with overseas trading partners and riding on each other’s strength in the sector.
  • Facilitate mechanisms of collaboration between Riparian States on matters of trade facilitation across the lakes and other inland water bodies.
  • Enable Strategic Coordination mechanisms of Maritime activity.
  • Support the development of Maritime Sectors of partner States and create conditions for riding on each other’s strengths and leveraging on the region’s diversity.
  • Joint Research and Technical Studies on matters of Shipping and Maritime Economy.
  • Harmonized Shipping and Maritime Policies that support shipping, Intra and International trade and Tourism.
  • Coordinated Support for the exiting National Shipping lines and having regional mechanisms for developing Regional Shipping Lines with a view that regional states can have greater share in the transportation of their own Cargo.
  • Having in place a Regional Marine pollution mitigation strategies and contingency plans.