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Current Openings: There are no job opportunities at the moment.

Career with ISCOS: A career at ISCOS is fast-paced, exciting, rewarding. Our team consists of people from different nationalities, a variety of backgrounds and disciplines. They also have the following in common:

  • A strong sense of responsibility
  • Pride in work
  • Self driven and ability to work under minimum supervision.
  • Initiative and resourcefulness
  • Lateral thinking and problem solving skills

Mode of Applications: Employment Opportunities in ISCOS are advertised widely within the Member States, and are posted at this site as well. Applications for Job Vacancies are submitted to the respective Member States, as may be advised. The Secretariat does not receive applications directly from Individual candidates

Member States do the short listing of candidates of their respective nationalities and the shortlists are forwarded to the Head quarters/ Secretariat for Interviews.  Appropriate organs of ISCOS do conduct interviews for prospective employees.

In filling of Vacancies, due regard is made in as far as possible, to gender issues as well as Nationality representations of all Member States. ISCOS seeks to secure the highest standards of professionalism, technical competence and integrity.

ISCOS is keen to support its staff in endeavors which help them develop and continuously improve on their skills.  Emphasis is put on those skills that are essential to the fulfillment of their roles.

Should you wish to contact us on this subject, kindly do so at


ISCOS is also a specialist research and advisory organisation for the maritime sector. Our integrated business units provide an industry leading, unrivalled knowledge base.

We use our continuing research, specialist knowledge and global offices, to constantly analyse and decipher markets. We combine and focus our resources for each project and each client, building trusted relationships where our advice is at the centre of commercial decision making.

For years, ISCOS  has supported and developed integrated relationships with a diverse global client base of financial institutions, ship owners, shipyards, brokers, investors, insurers and equipment and service providers.

MSI’s expertise covers the full range of shipping and offshore sectors from Tanker, Dry Bulk and Containerships to more specialist sectors such as Gas and Chemical tankers, PCTC and Cruise ships.Clients are supported through a combination of sector reports, forecasting models and ship valuations.

ISCOS has extensive experience in strategic consultancy. ISCOS balances analytical power with service flexibility, offering a comprehensive support structure and a sound foundation on which to build investment strategies and monitor exposure to market risks and compliance requirements under various scenarios.

ISCOS has established a vast network among the Decision Makers of the East Africa and International shipping community, always aiming at creating and expanding business opportunities.