Capacity building of Shippers

With due recognition that Shippers’ sensitization is important in creating awareness on matters of International Trade and Shipping, ISCOS runs a coherent sensitization Program, both at regional and national levels, including company specific and customized based trainings.

With over 200 regional and national sensitization workshops conducted in the region so far, ISCOS believes in the Shipper (importer and exporter) as the central entity in the Logistical Chains. Sensitization programs take cognizance of emerging issues in International Trade, and cover a wide range of important areas including International Commercial Terms, best practices in International freight logistics, import and export dynamics, Risks associated with Surface and Maritime movement of freight as well as innovations and developments which generally affect the movement of cargo from overseas through ports to hinterland countries and vice versa.

Increased shipper awareness contributes to the appropriate use of International Commercial Terms, mitigates delays and penalties due to ignorance, promotes port fluidity and better use of port facilities, reduces incidences of loss of cargo, enhances seamless flow of goods and generally reduces the cost of doing business.