Programmes and Activities

  • Providing information services, technical advice and assistance to Member States and other stakeholders on marine environment, pollution prevention, and safety of life and property at sea;

  • Monitoring and advising on the effectiveness of Port State Control (PSC) in Member States’ ports;

  • Sensitizing Member States on ratification of IMO and other relevant conventions;

  • Assisting Member States in formulating appropriate laws and regulations regarding safety of life and property at sea in accordance with the appropriate International Maritime Organisation (IMO) Conventions;

  • Coordinating national contingency plans on marine pollution, and search and rescue at regional level;

  • Liaising with the regional Maritime Training Academies in developing and strengthening training courses and modules that are relevant to the region’s maritime needs;

  • Assisting Member States in formulating and developing national capacity to combat pollution from oil and other harmful substances;

  • Undertaking research for the establishment and management of a regional coast guard system;

  • Providing technical services to Technical Committees;

  • Preparation of annual and quarterly reports;

  • Supervising staff in the Directorate in accordance with Human Resource Regulations; and

  • Performing any other duties as may be determined in accordance with the Human Resource Regulations.