Institutional Framework

The Assembly

The Assembly is the highest Organ of the Organization whose full Membership are the Ministers responsible for Maritime Transport in the Member States, or any other Ministers or Plenipotentiaries designated by the respective Governments.

The Assembly is responsible for formulating general policies of the Organization and determining appropriate ways and means by which the Organization can achieve its objectives.

The Co-ordination Committee

The Coordination Committee is constituted by Permanent/Principle Secretaries (or their equivalent) in Ministries responsible for Maritime Transport matters in the respective Member States or their designated representatives who are senior officers of Government.

The Mandate of the Coordination Committee is to Coordinate the activities and functions of the Technical Committees and prepare Technical and Administrative Reports for the Assembly.

Technical Committees

Technical Committees comprise officers from the Member States and Associate member organizations who are experts in the relevant field of the Committee. The Mandate of the Technical Committees to Review and Generate Administrative and Technical Programmes of the Organization and to prepare Reports for the Coordination Committee.

There are four technical committees:

  • Technical Committee on Finance, Administration and Resource Mobilization;
  • Technical Committee on Trade Facilitation;
  • Technical Committee on Maritime Safety, Security and Marine Environment;
  • Technical Committee on Legal, Membership and Credentials, and International Relations.

The Secretariat

The Secretariat is the Administrative Organ of the organization headed by the Secretary General. Its mandate is to implement Organization’s programmes and activities of the Organization. The Secretariat is headed by a Secretary General appointed by the Assembly.