Advocacy for Policy Harmonization

Cross border cargo movements involve different regimes which may have different policies. Inconsistencies in rules and procedures between adjoining states hinder seamless flow of goods and services. ISCOS works towards harmonizing trade and transport rules and procedures in the region by:

  • Advocating for the harmonization of maritime policies for seamless flow of traffic throughout the region.
  • Advocating for streamlining cross border processes and mitigation of none-tariff barriers.
  • Undertaking consultations with stakeholders for the adoption of common position by Member States on maritime matters and/or in multilateral negotiations with third party countries or international and regional maritime organizations;

  • Participating in strengthening intra-regional cooperation for each category involved in maritime transport, shipping companies, ports and port operators, shippers, clearing and forwarding agents and cargo consolidators;
  • Intensifying consultations between the contracting parties and cooperation between the maritime administrations with a view to harmonizing and improving the operating conditions of the entire maritime transport system;
  • Defining and advising contracting parties regarding sector based policies and common standards in the fields of shipping services, development of indigenous Multimodal Transport Operators (MTOs), port operations and modalities of enhancing services to landlocked countries;