Mitigation of unfavorable pricing mechanisms applicable in Shipping and Trade

ISCOS provides the region’s interface with the Shipping Lines calling in the ISCOS Ports of Mombasa and Dar es Salaam. In particular, and in regard the Shipping Lines, Freight rates and Surcharges applied on Trade, ISCOS:

  • Conduct consultations with shipping lines, ship owners, operators of shipping lines and other related bodies concerning freight rates, destination charges and other related costs and conditions in Maritime transport;
  • Monitors adverse changes within the shipping industry which may result in the imposition of surcharges and levies, and holds dialogues with the Shipping Lines and Ports with a view of mitigating the same, and may advise Member Governments and other stake holders on required interventions as may be appropriate.
  • Acts as an early warning centre on shipping matters, by providing statistical and economic analysis of maritime transport and inland waterways sectors;
  • Compiles statistical data with a view to advising the Governments and other stakeholders on the level and structure of freight rates, port operating costs, conditions of marine carriage and other factors